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Dubai Property Guide

Dubai is a very interesting city for a number of reasons. The real city is in effect only a couple of decades old. The infrastructure and amenities are therefore being built to suit the ever increasing needs of the population. It is a city of wealth and prosperity as shown in the architecture and level of finish of the developments that are already present in the city or under construction. From the world’s biggest indoor ski slope (although a bigger one is being built at the moment) through the only 7 star hotel in the world and on to the world’s tallest building (currently under construction but already the tallest), Dubai is definitely a city like no other.

It is a city that caters for the affluent and powerful and has restaurants, bars, and night clubs to suit. With the marinas close to all parts of Dubai there is a plethora of yachts and boats for hire or for sale, along with the world’s most exclusive motor vehicles filling the car parks of the hotels and apartment blocks throughout the city.

Of course, on the other hand, there are numerous ways to get away from the hustle and bustle in order to unwind. There are a number of golf courses including facilities designed by Tiger Woods, Ernie Els and Colin Montgomerie to choose from so you can get away from it all and for the spa enthusiast the exclusive Bab Al Shams resort located just outside the city limits will help you while away the hours in complete comfort and relaxation. Dubai offers a great day out for those that like sea fishing or scuba-diving (although the diving is better just up the coast), or one can even stay on an island that is only accessible by motor boat (The World, currently under construction). In short, whatever the heart desires and the mind can conceive, is in Dubai and under construction or only a draftsman’s sketch away from conception.

New Build Developments

New Build or Off-Plan developments traditionally represent the best value for money when it comes to property investment in Dubai. These normally provide a higher capital gain over both short and long term periods and over the last few years have seen periods of exponential growth. The normal process is to buy a property direct from a developer for a fixed price either with payment in full or following an in-house payment plan. The property can be sold on at any stage and you simply gain the additional amount (called a ‘premium’) on the amount you have paid at the time of sale. Historically this is where a lot of people have made their money by holding onto a property for a while whilst the market increase and then sell on at a higher premium.


Dubai Sports City is a mixed use development of commercial and residential property around a number of significant sporting stadia and facilities. The development includes a 60,000 seater stadium, a 25,000 seater cricket stadium, Manchester United football academy, Ernie Els designed golf course and a large shopping mall.

Tameer are developing numerous projects throughout the United Arab Emirates. Two of these are the Princess Tower which, once constructed, will be the highest residential building in the World and the Elite Residence which as the name suggests is going to consist of a world class finish throughout. Both buildings look out over the Palm Jumeirah.

City of Arabia will house the immense Mall of Arabia which once completed will be the largest shopping mall in the world as well as Restless Planet which is destined to be one of the most technologically advanced theme parks ever constructed. Residential accommodation is situated in luxurious towers set around Venice type canals in the heart of the development.

NB: It is worth highlighting that the prices on these developments will be expected to increase over the course of the projects build so please contact us for any current pricings that you need

Resale Properties

The Dubai market works in two main areas, off plan sales and re-sale. The benefits of resale properties are generally that the area in which the property is located will have all local amenities up and running. There is less of a chance that there will be a lot of construction surrounding the site and the local shops and restaurants will be available. Another benefit of a property that is already built is that one can earn money from it through short or long term leasing OR the property can just be enjoyed by its owner, family and friends.

All apartments are generally located in buildings that all have a gym and a swimming pool on the premise. With the Jumeirah Beach Residences (for example), this complex of buildings has a number of pools, shops and local gyms to choose from. Residents of each tower are allowed to use the pools and gyms located in different locations throughout the development.

Different developments will obviously vary and for most buyers there are a number of priorities that need to be taken into consideration. One has to decide what it is that you are after precisely so that your agent can best chose the properties for you to see or consider. One needs to think about size, location, finish, view and local amenities and of course price. If the budget is fixed then we need to decide what order these options need to be addressed.

These thoughts should also be considered when looking at villas. A few of the main areas where villas are most sought after are The Meadows, The Lakes, Emirates Hills and of course the Palm Jumeirah. This Palm is the most widely known and talked about as being the first completely man-made structure built directly off shore and comprising of thousands of dwellings. These dwellings range from apartments in buildings on the stem of the palm, through to hotel rooms and suites in the Atlantis Hotel and of course many villas. The villas range from three or four bed entry level villas through to seven bedroom signature villas with a wide range of styles and finishes.

The Meadows and The Lakes

The Meadows and the Lakes are both now a couple of years old and are fully completed (although you will have the odd plot build or extension going on). They are located close (10 mins) to the Dubai Marina (waterfront beaches and restaurants) and some come with views of lakes or golf courses. Commonly these thrive with families and other professional couples.

The Palm Jumeirah

The Palm Jumeirah is the most widely known and talked about being the first completely man-made structure built directly off shore and comprising of thousands of dwellings. These dwellings range from apartments in buildings on the stem of the palm, through to hotel rooms and suites in the Atlantis Hotel and of course many villas. These villas range from four bedroom entry level villas through to seven bedroom signature villas dispersed throughout the Palm.

Emirates Hills

Emirates Hills has many bespoke villas and these are located around lakes, over-looking golf courses and even overlooking the new up-coming racing track (for horses and camels!).

Also, for the most discerning of clients, there are plots of land available in these locations where the purchaser can then build their bespoke villa to their exact requirements and specifications. This can be the best option for some although one has to take into account that with the amount of construction currently going on in Dubai there can be delays with construction when materials, man power or other external factors become outside of our control.

Buying your property

It is always thought (by those not in the industry) that a fussy purchaser is a bad one, however with many years experience in a variety of markets we have found that the more precise a client is with what they want, the better we are able to help them find the property that is ideal for their situation. For this reason we like to meet or speak to all clients in advance of our property search, where we can sit down and discuss needs, wants and of course price expectation. In this initial meeting or phone conversation we will generate ideas and with your responses we can look to design a tailor made day for visiting suitable properties.

Once we have found the right place for our clients we will of course break-down the payment structure or process for completion of each sale. Although a daunting part of buying a property for most people it can be made one of the easiest things you will ever have to do. Apart from agreeing certain points with us, about the only time you will be involved will be to sign, or even just agree for us to sign the contract of sale on your behalf.

The eight step process we go through when purchasing properties in Dubai:

  1. Decide upon clients requirements
  2. Set up viewings for suitable developments / properties, with debrief at end of day
  3. Decision is made as to which property (ies) to purchase
  4. We negotiate, agree and confirm sale particulars for the client with owner/developer
  5. Initial deposit is made to secure the property
  6. Full break down of payment terms emailed to client
  7. Paperwork received, checked, signed and counter signed
  8. Keys handed over

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